Author's program "I make a face by myself "
Remove facial wrinkles
without injections
in 15 minutes a day with self-massage
9 tutorials
Watch lessons at a convenient time.
Manual with exercises
All major movements with a detailed description and photo.
The opportunity to buy
individual lessons
Get something that will solve
precisely your problem.
If you spend 15 minutes self-massage daily, you will permanently get rid of wrinkles and improve skin quality:
increase muscle elasticity and reduce of wrinkles
● Pore narrowing and getting rid of black points
● Improving blood circulation
● Saturation of the skin with oxygen and nutrients
● Natural face contour lift
You will tighten the contour
of the your face
The course is designer for everyone
Have you never had a facial massage, but would like to learn it?
Our online course will be useful to you.
Have you had a bad experience learning facial massage? We will teach useful skills and help organize all the information.
Do you want to prolong youth and preserve beauty for a long time?
Learn to take care of yourself by taking an online facial massage course.
Girls and women
Do not want to constantly pay beauty salons? Learn how to massage your face and save an impressive amount of money.
To save money
who are used to caring for themselves
In the course - 9 lessons
We will study techniques for the face, neck, neckline
Lesson 1
Do you have headaches? Do you feel tired, tight in the neck area and are you in a bad mood? Are you getting more wrinkles from stress? Then this lesson is for you.

In just a few lessons, you will see results such as:
-Headaches will go away
-Blood circulation will normalize
-The lower part of the face will be lifted
-Improve eyesight
-Stabilizes blood pressure
-Face swelling will pass away

Learn how to quickly relieve tension and spasms in the neck. This is one of the most problematic areas of the human body. Stresses, general tiredness, and impressions of the past day accumulate in this area with unpleasant sensations: tension, constraint, cramping.
Cervical Collar Zone
Lesson 2
Are you thinking that many women have a well-groomed and wrinkled and flabby neck? There is almost no subcutaneous fat on the neckline and décolleté, and the skin in these places is very thin.

In this lesson we will help you by taking a little time to get:
-Remove skin laxity
-Increase elasticity
-Remove wrinkles
-Remove unnecessary lumps of tissue under the skin
-Reduce double chin

With the help of face massage, neck and décolleté can relax tense muscles and tone up weakened once. As a result, it tightens facial contours, wrinkles, and folds will be smoothed out or reduced
Neckline and Neck
Lesson 3
Have you noticed that the skin of the lower part of the face has lost its tone and a double chin started to appear? Learn how to work out the lower part of the face to get rid of the double chin and sagging cheeks

These lessons include unique moves to help you:
-Eliminate and minimize jowels
-Recover face contours
-Eliminate puffiness
-Remove bags under the eyes
-The double chin will disappear
-Smooth deep folds
Lower face
Lesson 4
Do you have small wrinkles around your lips giving a displeased expression?
In the lesson, we will consider movements that will remove the swelling of the nasolabial folds

After this lesson and with regular practice, you will lose or significantly decrease:
-Nasolabial folds
-Removing small wrinkles around the eyes
-The corners of the lips will rise
-Lips will be enlarged by improving blood circulation
-Improved lymphatic flow
Lip area
Lesson 5
Loose skin and with a double chin, you don't know what to do anymore? Do nasolabial folds prevent you from living in peace? Is your face not as radiant as it used to be?

This tutorial will help you:
-Tighten the oval of the face
-Reduce Bruxism
-Remove acne
- Return youth to the skin
- Relieves puffiness
Nasolabial folds
Lesson 6
The massage is based on light myofascial techniques, which can rightfully be called an alternative surgical operation for a circular facelift. They help rejuvenate your face for 5-7 years in a few days.

After regularly practicing the exercises from the lesson, you will get results such as:
-Nasolabial folds disappear
-Bring a relief to your face
- Relieves headaches
-Stops grinding
-Clear cheekbones appear
-Lift the face without surgery
-Eliminate puffiness and bags under the eyes
Zygomatic area
Lesson 7
Dark circles under the eyes and a lot of fine lines? And you will get all this just by exercising 15 minutes a day according to our method. Movements from the lesson will help rejuvenate the skin around the eyes and increase elasticity

In this tutorial, you will learn the movements to help you get rid of:
-bags under the eyes
-dark circles
- reduce water retention
- eye fatigue
-improve blood circulation
-the skin around the eyes will be tightened
Eye area and eyebrow wrinkles
Lesson 8
Thanks to the techniques from the lesson, the wrinkles on the forehead will become less noticeable, and the skin condition will improve significantly. By relaxing your frontal muscle at night, by the morning you will not have wrinkles, and your sleep will be tight and healthy.

The brow zone is special and comes in constant tension. From this, we form deep wrinkles on the face. With the correct sequence of movements, which are presented in this lesson and will help you:
-smooth forehead
-lift the eyelids
-repeat signs of aging
- will lift the contour of the face
-improves complexion
-removes muscle hypertonicity
- age-related pigmentation will disappear
Lesson 9
Acupressure in the area of impact intensified the tide and outflow of blood, metabolism is activated in the massaged zone. So it relieves spasms of the facial muscles and, accordingly, this allows the wrinkle to gradually smooth out over the relaxed muscle.
Ayurvedic Acupressure Marma facial massage as the completion of the procedure.
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• 9 Videos with exercises for each problem area
• Training manual with basic exercises
• Recommendation for the care of different types of facial skin
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You can buy all lessons or you can buy each lesson individually
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Results of the alumnos
compare the results before and after
I will teach you how to do the movements correctly, the sequence of their execution and the correct pressure of the aymavedic marma points.
For more than 10 years I have been transforming women and teaching them the art of face and body care.
In the course you will learn the simple techniques of a face self-massage.
An experience
Leads a course
Olga Romanovich
founder of Spagiria
on any topic that interests you
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